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WiiMote & Bluetooth Driver Compatibility

Some of you have reported problems getting Robodance 4 to recognize your WiiMote.  Thanks to the good work done by forum member wewell, it turns out that some of the Bluetooth driver sets sometimes refereed to as "stacks", are not compatibile with the WiiMote.  The track is to find an older or replacement driver set that is compatible.  I am replicating wewell's message here, but without the link to the driver set he used.  Each Bluetooth adapter is different and needs different drivers. Instead, go to the page he recommends which has a Bluetooth compatibility chart and look for your Bluetooth adapter.  Then go get the correct driver.  Note, one of the entries on the charts says that the Belkin adapter has not been tested with the older WIDCOMM drivers.  However, one of my systems has the Belkin adapter and does have the older WIDCOMM drivers, and it works fine.  Click here to go to the compatibility chart.

Here's wewell's message:

"Finally success. The problem was my Bluetooth stack which came with my Kensington USB 2.0 model 33348 dongle. Upon research, I found that the latest shipping Widcomm Bluetooth stack frequently does not work with the Wiimote. It was recommended that I go to [check the chart for your adapter model] and download this older stack which tested well with the Wiimote.

I deleted my current Bluetooth software, and downloaded this older version of the Widcomm Bluetooth Stack and installed. Robodance now recognizes the Wiimote and i'm having a blast checking it out. It's working just fine.

I got my information from the following site which provides excellent information on internal and external compatible Bluetooth devices that have been tested with the Wiimote. Hopefully, this will be helpful to some of you."



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