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Links to videos on this site that demonstrate powerful and fun features found in Robodance.

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NOTE: All the videos on this page were made using Robodance


Mind Controlled Robot

In this video I use the Emotiv Systems 14-electrode EEG headset with built-in gyroscope to control my Rovio spy robot remotely over a Web connection.  The Web connection consists of a Skype video call and I use my mind, facial gestures, and head movements to drive my Rovio around my home.

Read more about the Mind Controlled Robot project.


Rovio controlled by Nintendo Wii Remote

Video from 2008 where I control my Rovio mobile spy robot using a Nintendo Wii Remote control.

Read more about the Nintendo Wii Remote controlled Rovio project.


i-SOBOT robot controlled by Gestures

I control the Tomy/Takara tiny humanoid robot by waving my arms in the air while holding the Nintendo Wii remote in one hand and the Nunchaku attachment in the other.  Robodance’s neural net based gesture recognition interprets the data received from the accelerometer sensors and turns them into specific robot commands.

 Read more about the i-SOBOT gesture recognition project.



Nintendo Wii Remote interface

This is the original video where I show my Robosapien V2 humanoid robot being controlled by a Nintendo Wii remote. It also gives an excellent overview of how Robodance’s scripts work and a view of the drag and drop graphical editor.



Voice Control Demonstration

Humorous video where I control my Robopet robot using speech commands.



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