Rovio Setup on Windows 7 64-bit


Windows 7 64-bit users (must read)

The easiest way to configure your Rovio to connect to your local router is to use the USB cable and WowWee's setup program. Unfortunately, WowWee never created 64-bit drivers to service this connection. Robodance has nothing to do with this problem and obviously can't fix this. Here are your available solutions:

  1. If you have Windows 7 64-bit Professional or better you can install Windows XP Mode. It creates a 32-bit virtual machine that you can run WowWee's setup program in and use the USB connection based setup method.
  2. If you have another system handy that is running Windows 7 32-bit mode or Windows XP, install the WowWee setup program on it, configure your Rovio, and from that point on use your Rovio normally from your 64-bit station.
  3. Find a friend with the system configuration described in #2.

If none of these work there still is what is known as Ad Hoc Configuraiton mode, as described in the Rovio manual. To use it, all you need is a computer that can run a browser and has a WiFi card. However, this requires a reasonable level of technical skill to execute. If you are not technically skilled and can not take advantage of the solutions described above, you are better off waiting until I put out the version of Robodance 5 that has the Ad Hoc Configuration Wizard. It won't help you fix any severe system problems with your Rovio or system configuration, but it will guide you through the configuration process and make it easier for those of you that are not skilled in configuring PC networks.



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