Nanabot runs on RoboMe

    Note: This page is for people interested in the Nanabot Funding Project on Indiegogo that want to know what hardware they need to run Nanabot.


The robot that Nanabot runs on is RoboMe, an utterly affordable retail consumer robot that requires no assembly.  At this time, RoboMe can be found on Amazon for about $78 USD. If you visit that page, please remember these two very important facts:

  • Nanabot runs on Windows Phones.  Donít be confused by the fact that the product page says an iOS device is required. I wrote specific software to make Nanabot run on RoboMe using a Windows Phone. You donít need an iOS device to run Nanabot!
  • Nanabot does not support RoboMeís remote viewing feature so if you want that capability you will need an iOS device. All the features listed on the Nanabot funding project page will be available to you but only when using a Windows Phones since Nanabot is a Windows Phone app.
  • RoboMe has several bad reviews but be aware that those reviews are due to the difficulties involved with setting up the iOS software you can get for RoboMe.  They have nothing to do with Nanabot. Nanabot will be simple to download and install and youíll be having fun right after you install it!  I own a RoboMe and itís been a solid dependable little robot and I like it.  But I donít use the iOS software at all because I only Windows Phones.

Smart Phone Notes

To run Nanabot you will need a Windows Phone to control it.  Hereís the minimum requirements:

  • To run Nanabot Basic, which doesnít have the face tracking and Book/DVD/QR Code recognition features, you can do fine with something like the Lumia 520.  You can find these for less than $70 USD, no contract required!
  • To run Nanabot Deluxe youíll want something with a forward facing camera.  The Lumia 520 doesnít have one.  Youíll need at least a Lumia 620 or better since it does have a forward facing camera.  These too are very inexpensive phones, even off-contract.
  • The phone I recommend is the Lumia 820.  Itís an older phone but it has a nice big screen and a little extra horsepower over the other two models. Thatís the smart phone you see in the Nanabot Funding Project video and itís the one I have. You can find it for just a few bucks more than the Lumia 620, but check with your wireless provider to make sure it will get the operating system updates you desire.

Overall, any phone equal to or better than the Lumia 620 will let you run Nanabot Deluxe on RoboMe.


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