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Robodance 5 for Rovio (Roboclient Notes)

Only Robodance Pro members have access to this software currently.  If you are waiting for the free version please watch the mailing for an announcement of when it is available!

Quick Install Instructions

  • It is assumed you have already run Roboserver on the PC at your home or office where you Rovio is located.  If not, exit this program and do that first.
  • Switch to the Tab titled Mini-Navigator.
  • Add the Skype account name assigned to your Rovio to your available servers list using the ADD button at the bottom of the Mini-Navigator tab.
  • Report any problems on the technical support forum.

Auto-Mute Feature

Along with the other features listed on the main software page, please pay special attention to Roboclient’s Auto-Mute feature.

IMPORTANT: Robodance 5 is currently a “preview” release. This means you should not use it away from home yet if there is no one there you can contact to stop your Rovio if it is moving uncontrollably or put it back in the charging dock if it gets stuck somewhere! Also, you should wait for a later release if you just want to run the software reliably because it still has several bugs that can cause it to crash.


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