Mind Controlled Robot

WowWee Rovio robot controlled by thoughts, facial gestures
and head movements using the Emotiv EEG headset over Skype

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Mind Controlled Robot

In the video on the left I use the Emotiv Systems EPOC EEG headset with itís built-in gyroscope to pilot a Rovio mobile spy robot remotely over the Web using my thoughts, facial gestures, and head movements.  I created a link between the EPOC headset and Robodance using the Emotiv Systems software developerís kit (SDK).

The Telekinetic Obstacle Course.


Cool futuristic game that uses your brain waves to guide a ball through an obstacle course. Wonderful gift for a budding JEDI knight or for yourself.


How it all works

The diagram at the left gives you an overview of how everything hooks together to create a remote session using a Skype video call.  If you want a really in-depth description of what I did to add support to Robodance for the EPOC headset, please read my article on ExtremeTech on the Emotiv Systems SDK which contains a ton of screen-shots, sample source code, and detailed discussion of how the system was implemented and how it works, including my comments on performance and usability.


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