Slide 1 - HealthBank Partner Network

This is a slideshow for the HealthBank Partner Network idea for the benefit of Tigerlabs.  You can watch a video of the telepresence system in action to really see the potential of this idea in action.



The HealthBank Partner Network is similar in concept to the linkAges TimeBank project.  Instead of trading services, seniors (Health Partners) exchange periodic remote visits via our Robonote software and an inexpensive telepresence robot that can record sessions directly to Evernote, a powerful web-based information archive and retrieval service. During a remote session one Health Partner asks the other a series of questions designed with the help of their physician to test the mental acuity and general well being of the other.  Since the telepresence robot is mobile the remote Partner can ask the other to perform a series of simple movements like walking, picking up objects, etc. and follow them through the room as they watch them perform the therapeutic movements.

The recorded sessions safely archived in Evernote create a series of progress movies that can be instantly shared and analyzed by a physician in case a Partner detects the warning signs of an impending catastrophic health event. They also form a vital record of a Partnerís progress that a physician or caretaker can analyze for subtle clues to the Partnerís condition. These visits also form a bond of mutual care that can help alleviate the feelings of isolation and loneliness seniors feel that can lead to significant adverse health conditions like depression. Another benefit of the program and the mobility of the telepresence robot is that a remote partner can search the home to see if a Partner has fallen down or is unconscious and notify an emergency service in case help is needed.

Slide 2 - Steps To Usage

  • Seniors link up with other seniors on the network and agree to be Health Partners
  • Then they sign up for an Evernote account
  • They agree to a schedule with their Health Partner that contains the days and times the will check in on each other
  • Each senior consults with their physician or caretaker to create a series of questions and/or movement tests (Health Checklist) that are pertinent to their condition. The Health Partners exchange Health Checklists.
  • With everything configured at this point, the Health Partners check in with each other at the agreed time and:
    • Administer the Health Checklist while the session is recorded to Evernote by Robonote (our software application).
    • Make annotations in Skype that are automatically captured by Robonote and timestamped (see sample session slide).  The timestamped notes make it easy for a physician to jump to the important points in the session recording that have been highlighted.
    • If signs of trouble are evident, either able Partner can notify the relevant local physician and share the link to the session recording that prompted their concern. The physician can analyze it or any of the past sessions, and take preventative action.

Slide 3 - Sample HealthCheck Session Note, Archived In Evernote


Health Check - between host amylynn and guest pamsmith.

Date: July 30, 2012, 3:00 PM

Skype Chats


Partner Name


Movie Time Index


Amy is complaining about chest pains again.



Amy walks poorly, worse than last week.



Nice improvement in shoulder strength.  Her left arm was noticeably steadier when she did the arm test with the 3 pound weight.




Slide 4 - EEG Headset

The Robonote software also supports the Emotiv EPOC 14-electrode consumer EEG headset. Instead of using Robonoteís standard mouse point-and-click interface, you can control the robot completely hands free using only head movements, eye-blinks, and a strong thought or feeling.  This means that those with severe physical disabilities like quadriplegics can pilot the robot and administer HealthChecks. This allows them to participate in the HealthBank Partner Network as full fledged Partners and perform a valuable service to seniors or to other disabled users by administering a Health CheckList just like any other member. The graphic below shows how the pieces all fit together for a remote HealthCheck:

Slide 5 - Resources