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Robodance and Roboclient leverages the power of Skype’s Video Call Service to give you the best possible audio and video for your remote control sessions. In addition, Skype encrypts your login details, audio, and video, giving you secure access to your home and loved ones even from a public WiFi hot spot. Skype is free so download Skype now and start using Robodance and Roboclient right away.  Please note the other items on this page that can help you get the smoothest and best performing connection you can.  Note: even if you already have Skype, upgrade to the latest version now, especially if you have a version older than 4.1.


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Skype’s FREETALK® Everyman USB Headset

If you intend to use the Robodance/Roboclient Voice Control System which allows you to control your robot using speech commands, you will need a good headset.  The number one cause of problems with voice control is a poor headset. Skype has done us a huge favor and now sells their own truly inexpensive yet high quality headset complete with microphone and speakers. Note: some of the bluetooth cell phone ear pieces put out a lot of noise which can really impact the accuracy of the Voice Control System.  Go ahead and try one if you have it, but if you have problems, remember this page and return to it to get the Skype FREETALK® Everyman USB Headset. Bookmark this page.


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Skype Approved WebCams

Looking for a good webcam so your friends and loved ones can see your smiling face? Skype sells several webcams that work well with their Video Call service. Use the link below to have a look at their current offerings.


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