Robonote (Evernote DevCup 2)

Important Note to Judges!


Official Robonote Video for DevCup 2


Emotiv EPOC EEG Headset Support


Full Length Telepresence Robot Video


Archive Your Life!

Evernote extends your brain.

Robonote gives Evernote eyes and ears

Liberate your mind as you extend its reach across the globe, instantly archiving all you experience in full motion video, saved instantly to Evernote so you can enjoy those memories for many years to come and share them easily with others.

Robonote leverages the power of Evernote’s incredible storage, sharing, and retrieval capabilities by using it to warehouse your sessions with a telepresence robot.  As you control a robot remotely, from anywhere you have a web connection, everything you witness will be immediately saved to Evernote, including important conversations with loved ones or precious moments with pets who are far away, whenever you are away at work or traveling.

Robonote uses the robust Skype network so the quality of your archival videos is excellent. Any Skype chat messages typed during a session become part of the Note.  The chat messages are automatically time-stamped so you can create an instant table of contents of the movie by making quick topical annotations during a session, making it easy to return to important points in the video later.

Robonote supports the Emotiv EPOC EEG headset for a completely hands free telepresence experience. Instead of using Robonote’s mouse-based point and click interface, you can use the EPOC to pilot the robot using head movements, eye blinks, and a strong thought or feeling.  This also makes the system accessible to those with severe physical disabilities.  For others it is a unique and intuitive alternative method to control a telepresence robot.  Note, use of the Emotiv EPOC EEG headset is optional and is not necessary to use Robonote (but it is exciting!).

Vital Applications for Robonote

 Capture video memories of your loved ones or spy on misbehaving pets while you are away from home and store them forever in Evernote.

 Check in and find elderly or infirm parents and instantly share movies of them through Evernote with their doctor.

 Inspect rental or vacation property remotely and make instant video records of their condition for insurance purposes.


Robonote (previously known as Robodance) won the coveted SourceForge Project Of The Month award in 2005, selected by SourceForge’s judges out of hundreds of thousands of other software packages. Logo  

 Important Note to Judges!

IMPORTANT: You do not need to have a telepresence robot to use the software. Please contact me for a remote demo session from the comfort of your own home or office.  You can pilot my Rovio remotely and make a movie from your PC by installing Robonote

NOTE: The standard interface to Robonote is a mouse based point and click interface. The Emotiv EPOC EEG headset is a completely optional alternative input device and is not necessary to run Robonote.  For remote access all that is required is a PC running Windows XP or 7 with Skype installed.  Mac owners can use a virtual machine like VMWare Fusion, Parallels, Crossover, etc. that has Windows XP or Windows 7 running in it. However that has not been fully tested yet.

Screenshot Notes: There is one screenshot that is radically different than the others submitted. It has a lovely dark and light blue motif that was created by 99Designs for EmoLens, another product I created for the Emotiv EPOC EEG headset. That theme will be used to redesign Robonote in the near future.  There just wasn’t time to get it done before the contest. Here is the 99Designs suggested interface.

Integration notes: Robonote uses the Evernote Cloud API to retrieve your list of Notebooks, Tags, and Account Status (Free, Premium, etc.).  OAuth is used for application authentication as per your guidelines. The Cloud API is also used to create the Note using the Evernote ENML standard.  The Account Status is used to adjust the Note limit meter so that it reflects properly the amount of time a movie has left as a percentage of the maximum Note size permitted by the differet Account Statuses (Free: 25 MB per Note, Premium: 50 MB per Note)

The download link for the regular version and the Emotiv EPOC version is at the bottom of this page.

How it all works

Note: The diagram includes the EPOC headset, which is an optional device and is not necessary for using Robodance. The default interface uses a mouse-based point and click interface.

The diagram at the left gives you an overview of how everything hooks together to create a remote session using a Skype video call.  If you want a really in-depth description of what I did to add support to Robodance for the EPOC headset, please read my article on ExtremeTech on the Emotiv Systems SDK which contains a ton of screen-shots, sample source code, and detailed discussion of how the system was implemented and how it works, including my comments on performance and usability.

Important Note to Judges!


Download Link

To download the regular version of Robonote, use the link below. Robonote runs on any Windows system with Skype installed with either Windows XP or 7. (It may run on a Mac in a virtual machine using something like Fusion, Crossover or Parallels but that has not been fully tested yet.)

Download Robonote

To download the version that supports the Emotiv EPOC EEG headset use the link below. Please read the driving tips page regarding this version:

Download Robonote with Emotiv EPOC support


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