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The funding project for Nanabot is going on right now but only for a short time.  Don’t miss your chance to get in on the excitement! Nanabot will bring a new level of interactive fun to you on a really inexpensive little robot called RoboMe.  Click over to the funding page now and make sure you watch the video! You will find an MP3 of The Cortana Song there too.

Robodance is the ultimate software program for your WowWee Rovio mobile spy robot. (It supports many other robots as well).

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Robodance is free!

Robodance 5 Features - Rovio only

  • Eliminates the need to configure your router - With Robodance 5 you no longer have to expose a port on your router to access your Rovio from the Web.
  • Eliminates the need for a dynamic Domain Name Server service - you do not not need to use and therefore pay for a dynamic DNS service to access your Rovio from the Web.
  • Quality two way audio no matter how you connect - Rovio sessions with Robodance 5 do not involve the use of a Web browser or any ActiveX controls so your audio quality is not at the mercy of those components.
  • Encrypted video, audio, and login details - now accessing your Rovio from a public WiFi access point is much safer since your session is fully encrypted and can no longer be snooped by hackers wirelessly monitoring your session.
  • Brighter video - Robodance 5 can brighten and enhance the contrast of Rovio’s video feed helping those of you with environments that are not brightly lit.



Robodance 5 leverages the power of Skype’s free audio and video call service.  Thanks to Skype’s famous ability to connect callers together regardless of intervening firewalls or other impediments the need to expose a port is eliminated, saving you from the burden of having to perform an advanced configuration task on your router. This same ability eliminates the need for and cost of a dynamic DNS service to provide a publicly accessible route to your Rovio.  Skype’s 256-bit industrial strength AES encryption secures your call.  The development team that created Skype is one the best in the world. Millions of people are dependent on Skype for making high quality audio and video calls daily and Robodance 5 takes full advantage of the power of Skype.  Remember, Skype is free and Robodance is free!

Features - all robots (including Rovio)

(For a list of supported robots click here)

  • Voice control - use your voice to control your consumer robot with the help of Robodance’s speech recognition based interface. The phrase that activates a particular robot command is fully customizable and you can even change the pronunciations for the words used.
  • Nintendo Wii Remote control - substitute the bulky and complicated remote control included with your robot for the Nintendo Wii Remote.  You determine which robot function is assigned to each Wii Remote button, or you can use the default setup. Some robots can even be controlled with Gestures using Robodance’s neural net based gesture recognition, which uses the Wii Remote and Nunchaku attachment’s accelerometer sensors to detect arm motions.
  • Scripting - Build scripts using a convenient drag and drop graphical editor to control your robot in a predefined manner or use scripts to create funny skits and robot performances to entertain friends and family.
  • Explore Your Robot with Context Sensitive help - use Robodance’s “Explore Your Robot” module to really get to know everything your robot can do. A tabbed notebook shows you all the commands your robot can do with each tab containing a logical group of commands.  This allows you to see instantly everything your robot can do without having to master its complex multi-function remote control.  Click on a button and you execute the command.  Even better, right click on a command and if your robot has a PDF style manual, the correct page and paragraph for that command will be instantly displayed to you, saving you from a hunting expedition into the manual every time you want to understand what a particular command does.






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